Kentucky Derby in Aspen

The place to be on Saturday afternoon after a fun morning skiing on Aspen Mountain for the last weekend of the year was at the Square Grouper, the Cajun Creole place on Restaurant Row in Aspen to enjoy the Kentucky Derby. Aspenites got in the mood by donning some festive millinery accents while the gentlemen enjoyed their summery seeksucker suits! Mint juleps were enjoyed by all! 918.jpg”>Kentucky Derby at Square Grouper 918Kentucky Derby at Square Grouper 921Kentucky Derby at Square Grouper 922Kentucky Derby at Square Grouper 927Kentucky Derby at Square Grouper 928Kentucky Derby at Square Grouper 929Kentucky Derby at Square Grouper 934Kentucky Derby at Square Grouper 938Kentucky Derby at Square Grouper 942Kentucky Derby at Square Grouper 915

About fashionistainaspen

Hi! I've been the fashion writer for the Aspen Daily News for five years. I'm probably the only one in the Rocky Mountains since no other ski area in the region can boast our brand of style, events, and now, even our own Fashion Week. Please contact me with any ideas, events or links that you think my readers need to know! My motto: Do it with style!
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1 Response to Kentucky Derby in Aspen

  1. Geri Lee Ide says:

    Great ending to a great ski season! Fun party!

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