Off-season sparkle at Kate Spade

Plan a picnic!

Plan a picnic!

Any event that says, and I quote, “Sparkly attire is beloved” is one you know your intrepid fashionista is going to attend, on or off-season!  So, of course, I donned my most casual and appropriate for daytime black and white sequinned top, and dropped in at our local Aspen Kate Spade shop on Galena Street for what was billed as an Aspen Locals’ Brunch, since that’s the only people in town right now!

Lovely little pastries and orange juice was served, but the real draw was the gorgeous spring clothes that manager Karen Morian showed off beautifully in her up-to-the-minute black and white boldly striped cotton frock that summarized this season’s ‘it’ look.  A discount of 15% was offered to entice locals to come in and shop for the latest spring fashions. 

Karen summed up this season’s collection, which celebrates Kate Spade’s 20th anniversary, by having a different theme for each month.  The dress that Karen was wearing was included in March’s Bold Blooms, while April’s sundresses was part of its Plan a Picnic theme, while June’s focus is the Element of Surprise with a golf theme a la Palm Springs, featuring a preppy collection with a twist,  such as metallic jacquard prints and stylized golf balls….kinda like Lily Pulitzer meets Gwen Stefani. 

This month’s concentration is Adventure, which Karen describes as clothes for a summer road trip, or a vacation down south.  “The outfits are for everyday, very wearable and extremely versatile.”  We agree!  It makes me want to jump in my convertible and head on out to see where life takes me….with a trunk filled with colorful,  Americana prints designed for a head-turning entrance no matter where I go. 

Kate Spade manager, Karen Morian, in a dress from the Spring collection.

Kate Spade manager, Karen Morian, in a dress from the Spring collection.

Pueblo tile sundress

Pueblo tile sundress

Bold chevron linen

Bold chevron linen


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