Wickedly Chic

Fashion Week continues as Nicci and I burn it at both ends.  This is really our first trip together, and we certainly know how to fit in as much as humanly possible, and then some, given the fact that we gave up sleeping and regular bathing for the week!  Besides, our miniscule bathroom is a complete joke, without even a complete shower door!  Lacking press credentials, since my Aspen publications are too limited in circulation to warrant the coveted pass, and specific invites for the shows,  I quickly realized that soaking up Fashion Week would have to come through osmosis.  Staying at the Empire Hotel, right at Lincoln Center, whipped us, like centifugal force, into the maelstrom of excitement, as I went everyday to see the impossibly tall, skinny models, designers, celebrities and the photographers who track their every movement, including yours truly.  Models handed out Women’s Wear Daily, the bible of the fashion industry, which helped us keep track of the shows, who’s who, and what’s what.  Of course, I did finally get invited to a show, but unfortunately, I was leaving on Monday, so Nicci went in my place.  I was happy, at least, that she could go.  I’ll report on it in the next installment…

Our own highlight of the day was going to see Wicked, an epic production in the classic Broadway musical tradition that I’ve long wanted to catch, followed by a late night dinner at La Petite Maison.  Love those suppers, that start out one day and by the time you get the bill…it’s another!  Of course, I continue to give you Nicci’s shoe of the night….a la Wicked Witch of the West… very green!  She told me she planned it that way!  So Nicci!  Back to the hotel for a quick nap and off to the US Open on Saturday afternoon….

About fashionistainaspen

Hi! I've been the fashion writer for the Aspen Daily News for five years. I'm probably the only one in the Rocky Mountains since no other ski area in the region can boast our brand of style, events, and now, even our own Fashion Week. Please contact me with any ideas, events or links that you think my readers need to know! My motto: Do it with style!
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