Fashion Night Out!

I have now been to my first Fashion Night Out….in the city where it all started….New York City.  Doesn’t everything wonderful start here?  I know we have great events in Aspen all year long, but you haven’t seen anything till you get off at the Prince Street subway station in Soho, and find yourself swept up the stairs into a throng of people, all there for the same reason. 

I could not believe the interest New Yorkers of all ages have in this event.  The power of fashion and style is alive and well in NYC.  You could feel the excitement building all day as stores on Fifth Avenue starting assembling red carpet entrances.   After having my make-up done in the morning at Bergdorf Goodman at my favorite Chanel counter, I felt prepared to put my best foot forward…or should I say face forward! 

Of course, I had to make an appearance at Burberry, my place of employment.  The 57th Street location is the mothership, with multiple floors, filled wih the entire collection.  I will hopefully return before I leave, since I only made it up to the second floor, housing the London collection, which is my favorite.  The leather slim leggings are gorgeous!

Of course, I didn’t know where to run first.  As I was on the list at the Ralph Lauren store in Soho on Prince St, we headed down there to start the evening.   On the way, there were distractions everywhere…Heidi Klum and Sarah Jessica at QVC…a scene in itself…with massive television cameras and live models on stage, looking bored, hopelessly aloof…and chic.  The only self-standing Via Spiga store in the country also caught my eye, since I have many of their shoes in my closet.

I spent a long time at the new Ralph Lauren store, which has recently moved from W.Broadway to Prince Street, missed Nacho Figueras…but, of course, we see him playing snow polo in Aspen…not to worry.  I spotted a black sequinned beret, perched behind a glass cabinet, that called to me.  Turns out, it is a vintage piece, that their buyers search out around the world.  Once I found the right person to unlock its untouchable prison, and tried it on,..I knew it had to come home with me.  A splurge, but isn’t Fashion Week and New York, in general, all about it?

Back to Fifth Avenue, and Versace, where my friend, Nicci, had us on the list.  Unfortunately, by the time we flagged down a private car and driver, and made it back, it was too late to get in, and we found ourselves engulfed in a flash mob, poised with cell phones and camera, foaming to snap a prized photo of Drake and Nicki Minaj, who were inside.  Their car was waiting outside on Fifth, but they quickly realized they couldn’t get to it .  Everytime, someone appeared at the door, a roar went up in crowd, hungry to satisfy their celebrity Jones, but to no avail.  It was a false sighting,..but, at that point, who cared?  It was pure excitement for its own sake, fueled by its own creation.  I drank it up…we all did! 

Finally, off to a late night dinner at the most delicious Greek restaurant on 55th,  Estiatoria Milos,

filled to the max, at 11pm…gotta love it.  New Yorkers know how to live.  I was looking around for my own Niarchos or Onassis…to no avail.  Oh well, loved the tsatziki.  Enjoy my friend Nicci’s torturously stylish shoe of choice last night!  Till tomorrow…xo giovanna

About fashionistainaspen

Hi! I've been the fashion writer for the Aspen Daily News for five years. I'm probably the only one in the Rocky Mountains since no other ski area in the region can boast our brand of style, events, and now, even our own Fashion Week. Please contact me with any ideas, events or links that you think my readers need to know! My motto: Do it with style!
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