J.C.Penney Surprise Find

Last week, I did something I’ve never done before.  After watching a holiday fashion segment on Good Morning America, I ordered a little black sequin dress from the GMA website, which directed me to the J.C. Penney website. The surprise?  I was delighted with the result! 

When I received the box at my doorstep a few days later, I opened the box with anticipation but also with a sense, that I probably would have to return it.  Not that I’m a fashion snob, by any means.  I enjoy a good bargain from T.J. Max,  Ross, or even Target as much as the next person but,  I have never ordered anything from J.C. Penney,  so I was more than a bit skeptical.   When I saw it on a model that was close in age who looked dynamite in this simple cap-sleeved solid black sequin skimmer with a scooped back, I took the plunge.  What did I have to lose?  I could always return it to the J.C. Penney store in Glenwood Springs, or mail it back. 

When I opened the slim box, I discovered the dress looked as good as it did on TV, and fit like a dream!  I guessed right on the size….word of advice…always round up when you purchase a garment from a relatively unknown designer associated with a large chain store.  So I bought a size 6 rather than my usual 4. 

Well, I wore it out last night for the first time to the Aspen Peak magazine party and I can’t tell you how many compliments I received, from our very fashion -savvy crowd.  I wore it with black opaque tights and a simple vintage black beaded pump with an all-so-new kitten heel.  I felt terrifc and very comfortable in a very uncontrived and classic look for what you usually pay for a tee-shirt.   When you are comfortable, you always look just right. 

I plan on wearing my simple, but perfect little black, sparkly dress all season long, and hopefully beyond.  I’m a J.C.Penney convert, which serves to re-inforce the valuable lesson, that you can find fashion anywhere…in your local mall, as well as at your favorite upscale boutique…and it may even be a click away!  Kudos to Good Morning America, too,  for providing a happy little Christmas present to me!  Happy Holidays and, as always, happy shopping! 

Take a look at the dress.

About fashionistainaspen

Hi! I've been the fashion writer for the Aspen Daily News for five years. I'm probably the only one in the Rocky Mountains since no other ski area in the region can boast our brand of style, events, and now, even our own Fashion Week. Please contact me with any ideas, events or links that you think my readers need to know! My motto: Do it with style!
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